The Morrighan - Sacred symbols and associations

   and The Morrigan from Dryad


Altars/ Shrines to the Morrigan

This is my alater ansd Shrine to my Matron the Morrighan Her pic also sits above ,

Above a pic oThe Morrigna as  the warrior is  Dark Faery pent as She is assoicated with the fae. I do have a sword I use  but od need another for it really is a dragon sword.

She is also  the warrior o n yor left / Hecate for space reasons   has a place  a shrine for Her on your right.


Her altar/ Shrine

Use black cloth, red  cloth layed over front  like below symbol of washer of the ford

A statue  , pic other symbols

The triple Goddess canldes-  Silver Red Black for Morrighan although I only had white you can use white. Faery  ther element candles, stones Athame, I have a Crows feather cauldron crow candle also  Dragon fae oracle deck On right Hecate is associated with the dragosn I have a black dragonm pent abover Her a dragon purplish color and dragon incense. Her stoes  pearls as well    Black  silver and purple are Hecates colors. Your altar or shrine does not have to be large but it must be from you  Also Morrighan likes old fashione jewerly like from the reinasaance :)

Sorry all  for some reason my altar  will not show I guess  its  not supposed to thats ok  Ill try something else later LOL



What is sacred to the Morrighan?

Sacred animal: Cow and Mare, Raven and Crow wolf black dog bear  
Ford of a river, rivers streams  forests battlefields and grave yards  
The Colors red and blsck, and silvery / grey but primary is red and black  
Weapons like spears,swords and shields. and the sickle.  


Rivers streams esp a ford  battle fields grave yards I hope I got it all LOL.

 Blackthorn mugwart yew, Osidan, Garnet, Moonstone Jet

Symbols: Raven or Crow, spear. sword, Dark waning moon
  • Ale

  • crow's feather

  • blood, especially menstrual blood

  • I myself use some red meat (raw) and red times yes menstal blood 

  • To Her belong all the powers of Magick, She is a SHapeshifiter, She is a diviner, She is Matron to Priestesses and witches She is very powerful.

Goddess of: Battle, prophecy, fertility, and sovereignty

Usual Image: A shape shifter she appears in many
forms, beautiful maiden, mature woman, ancient hag, crow, bear others.

Relatives: Ernmas (mother,) Cailitin, a Druid Or Delbaeth or Dagda (father,) Anu, Badb, and Macha or Badb The Crow, Nemain the Venomous,
Fea the Hateful. (Sisters or other aspects of her or goddesses she presided over.) Eriu, Fotla, and Banba (other sisters and goddesses of the land, not other aspects of her,) Mechi (Son, father
unknown) who had three hearts, in which were three serpents. The serpents, it was foretold, would destroy Ireland, so MacCecht killed him and burnt the hearts, throwing the ash into the river
Berba, even then the ash of his hearts boiled the waters of the river away and killed all the fish in the river.
At her most basic Morrigan was a goddess of battle, who did not take part in battle itself, but instead stirred up strife, then flying over the
battle in the form of a crow picked who would die by casting confusion on them, afterwards feasting on their remains.

Not your warm and affectionate sort of goddess, and yet she was also a goddess of
fertility and sovereignty, without whom the king would be powerless.

Going deeper into Morrigan (or The Morrigan as this may have at some time been a title) we find that she is also a triple goddess, who
along with ether her sisters Badb, and Macha or in some accounts Nemain the Venomous, and Fea the Hateful, play a shifting role in
scores of myths and legends.

What is it that brings this goddess back in so many forms and guises and age after age returns in another form even if this means
mixing aspects that are both grand and horrific?
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