The Crone



When night falls She rises

When Moons light fades  till no more Her face is seen

Waning year belomgs to Her

She is the Crone.

When you think of the word Crone what comes to your mind?

The Crone is the third aspect of the Goddess . Just as  to the christians a trinity in the godhead so  our Goddess is a trinity or triplivity. Maiden Mother Crone.

Crone defined  in werbsters dictionar a  older women  a wise women.

The Crone has been  through the excitement of life, the joy of play the passion of love, the  pains of birth, the  love of Mothering and nurturing, and now She is wise with the years of life  behind  and has much to offer and teach us.. She j has been called the old hag  ...and very misunderstood over the years. Men have made  demonic tried to  get rid of her or just made her evil  for the Crone is the dark Mother She is about endings death, transitions, major change, the shadow, mystery.She has been called by many names.

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The Crone
by Lillith Silverhair

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TThe Dark Mother is the most misunderstood of the triple aspects of the Goddess. Her color is Black and she absorbs everything, including light and life. The dark of the Moon is Her time, the Abyss and darkness of space Her home. Her number is nine, symbolizing wisdom and sacred magick. Nine is also the number of completion and the completion of beginnings is the Crone's place in the cycle of birth-life-death. The greatest fear in Western Society is the fear of death and so many have turned away from this face of our Mother. We see this in our fevered need for eternal "youth and beauty" (as defined by society) and in the medical community's fight against aging and death. Who among us had not had a friend or family member kept "alive" on life support long after the soul has left the body to resume its journey? We also see this turning away in the way this country treats its elderly. At a time of life in which a person should be venerated for wisdom and knowledge they could pass on to the young ones among us, the elderly are at best "taken care of" (read: loss of privacy, dignity and freedom) or at worst completely ignored. Advanced age should be a time to look forward to in our lives. We should be able to look back and remember all that has happened to us with wisdom and good humor. We should be given the chance to relax and rest and contemplate our lives in preparation of a joyful reunion with the Dark Mother, come to take us into Her starry womb once more. Instead because we don't build a comfortable relationship with the Crone early in our lives, near the end all we feel is frustration and fear. How do we build a
relationship with the Crone, this Dark Mother who upholds the laws of life
and death with a rigorous need for balance that may seem so many times harsh
to us? First we must realize that Death is not the only domain of the Crone.
Endings of all sorts fall under Her sway, and endings always lead to new
beginnings. You can get in touch with the Crone during many transitional periods in your life; during the ending of relationships or jobs, when you need to regroup your energies at the end of a project or problem, even when you are getting your garden ready for the winter. The Dark Mother also covers trance states, spirit communication, and prophecy. Menopause is also a time to learn about the Crone  spect of the Goddess. Crone magick is not all that different from Her other three aspects, one must simply remember that the Crone is not a Goddess of birth, but of the harvesting and resting of all life. One may use meditation, candle burning and other general tools of magick to draw Her energies near. Her power may be called upon with dark candles such as black, dark blues or deep purples. Another of Her magickal domains is retribution, but you must be certain that you are justified in your need. Do not ask for revenge (remember the Law of Three!), do not be specific in anything that you want done. Simply lay the problem before Her and allow Her to decide whether or not there has been a true imbalance of justice. At the Winter Solstice, you can burn white, red and black candles to be reminded that everything is born, lives and dies to be born again. In the end, all must confront the Dark Mother, willingly, or unwillingly. How much better it would be to realize that She is not to be dreaded, a figure in black come to take us away from all we know and love, but a loving Goddess come to take us home so that we may rest and revive and begin our journey on the Wheel of Life once more. 

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 the Crone's Mysteries

Most of Earth's population is oriented toward the masculine polarity biologically
because the masculine polarity is what humans must have to enter into the
proper relationship with Earth. As we dwell on the planet, we must have the
opposite polarity to Earth.   Earth is feminine polarity in matter. We dwell as
mates to the Earth. Then, as we begin to mate with our own inner selves, with our
own feminine polarity, we begin to create a doorway into the inner realms (the
non-ordinary, nonphysical realms of reality) of higher consciousness. Once we
polarize to the feminine, we can manifest the duality of both the male and
female in our body, which allows us to merge and transcend - to join together in
union with the sacred fire. Alchemy then occurs, and we evolve beyond these
The need of the planet now is for us to become aware of the ethics, values and
knowledge that are contained within the feminine system. We will destroy
ourselves if we do not become aware of these things, because the feminine
system has two very important truths going for it.
The first is that to become open to the feminine side of ourselves is to become
open to non-ordinary reality. This means that we become open to spirit and are
able to tune into, and to become aware of, the spirit in all things. The second
truth is that until we realize and honor the first truth, we will always have war; we
will always be assuming our right over another person's right to live.
In the ancient mysteries, the Goddess represents the view that the source of all
life - of all existence - begins in the feminine polarity of energy. This feminine
polarity resides in all levels of existence, in all dimensions of reality - physical and
non-physical. The initiation path which leads the soul to the doorsteps of the
Goddess is called the "Path of the Veiled Mysteries."
The unique distinction of this path always stresses the personal experience of
the Initiate/witch, and her or his relationship to the feminine polarity. However, a
re-education is needed - a modern understanding of the feminine including its
function and its characteristics is required before the Initiate can proceed.
In the language of the Goddess, participation in Her Mystery School means
experiencing the "Feminine Initiation Procedures." These procedures are, in
reality, developmental stages through which all human beings must pass. If you
choose to experience these changes consciously, committing them in service to
your own soul's evolution, then you are indeed on the initiation path of the
Goddess. The voice of the Goddess calls out to many people.
We must always strive for balance between the outer external life (male) and the
consciousness-directed inner life (female). The inner life must be the ruler of the
outer life.
Traditionally and historically, according to most esoteric thought, it is good to
polarize to the inner spiritual life, as the physical vehicle is nothing but a shell.
Within the system of the feminine initiation procedures, there are specific paths,
specific aspects of the Goddess, that allow a person to bring into balance the
masculine and feminine parts of themselves.
First we have the path of Gaia, Earth Mother which is the path of relating to the
Earth and its growing seasons of caring for the Earth.
We have the initiation path of Isis/Demeter which is concerned with the power of
Birth-rebirth and includes karmic lessons of raising families, nursing, healing,
shamanism, religion and all those cycles of growth and nurturing.
We have the path of Aphrodite/Venus which symbolizes evolution through love,
fire, union, or fusion into oneness. All aspects of love, intimacy and sexuality as
well as love through service, charity and devotion are emphasized.
We have the path of wisdom which is the path of the mind; This is the path of
Athena. The task of this path is to change mind patterns and their effects on the
world through the sciences, philosophy, politics, etc.
There is the path of Hecate/Kali. This is the path of involution, destruction and
darkness. It is about the sacred power to destroy and the mastery over death.
This path encompasses anger, fire, explosions, and fusions of energy. This path
emphasizes the ability to work on the negative parts of oneself: the dark-side. On
this particular path, you will have intense lifetimes concentrating on the soul's
journey into the underworld of the self and mastering the art of change through
the death process or violence.
We also have the Bodhisattva path (or vow) or the spiritual/mystical path. In this
path many are becoming awakened. It is the path of unconditional love through
service. The Goddesses Kuan Yin and Tara are its symbols; mercy and
compassion are its practices. If you choose this path, ultimately you will use your
enlightenment to serve the Earth and humanity. This is not a path you choose
because of your ego. The reward is not escape from the wheel of rebirth by
non-attachment, but rather enlightenment from an open heart. Before you
choose this pathway; think very carefully.
We need to surrender the self to spirituality - the energy that permeates all
living things - to the Goddess. If we are having trouble with that, our spirit guides
are around to help us.
When we surrender to nonphysical reality, there is a mini death; certain parts of
us physically and psychically die off. If we look, we find that part of the female
population instinctively has had this inner surrender to spirit. The remaining female
population still relates to the masculine polarity and its way of living. They are not able to balance the feminine/masculine duality within themselves and will manifest many
With the males, we find that most males are polarized to the masculine, with
virtually no connection to the feminine. These men have difficulty acknowledging
and expressing their inner emotional truths, which may come out in extreme
behavior like rages, violence, and substance abuse. Male aggressive behavior in
our current age is sanctioned in sports (area of combats) and economic
competition. Prostate problems, heart attacks, strokes, and early death are
diseases of the absence of the feminine energy in the male. The remaining male
population who have a connection to their inner feminine are often alienated or
ostracized for their emotional natures. Most of our poets, artists, actors,
musicians and anyone who values the inner world over the material has difficulty
with the current planetary male-centered power structure. These polarity
problems are not recent phenomenon. They have been with humanity since the
fall of Atlantis.
Whether we are born into a male or female body, whether our internal
polarization is masculine or feminine, both woman and men must connect to the
feminine polarity within. They must find the Goddess within them.   If born a female,
it is not as hard connecting with the Goddess then born a male, naturally.
When we decide we are going to travel the Goddess path, it is required that we
open to the feminine within, the Goddess within us.
The female polarity is the key to the inner realms as the male polarity is the key
to the outer realms. The Goddess is the inner realm. The world must eventually
return to the celebration of women bearing children and honoring the feminine
creative process. In the story of human evolution, the female-male processes will
be mastered by both sexes. This is the path to enlightenment and balance in all
Women have been struggling for a voice and power in the politics, religion and
the economy. All these areas have to do with controlling flow. When women
control the flow, everyone gets a piece of the action. For example, when a group
of children walk in the door and there is a large cake, but more children than
there is cake, the woman in charge will do everything in her power to make sure
that everyone gets a piece of cake. The energy of the female is to get "the all"
taken care of and nourished.
This is something that men do not always understand. The energies of the male,
the masculine, seek to be the only one. It seeks exclusiveness and dominance.
This is not bad, it is just how masculine energy functions! It seeks oneness
through conquering not sharing
And so the feminine is the many while the masculine is the one. Masculine energy
represents individuation at all levels of creation, and the feminine represents the
oneness, synthesis, or union at all levels of creation.
There is a certain degree of psychic phenomena that occurs when you start
"Reawakening" to the path. You realize that everything is connected, everything
flows in energy patterns. By meditating, you can create a corridor between the
planes. That, of course, is the whole idea of meditating - connecting and attuning
to the non-physical dimensions or inner planes as they are sometimes called.
In many cases, when you start opening internally toward the self and connecting
to your emotions and unconscious mind, you become sensitive to picking up
messages from the unseen planes. You become more "Psychic", more aware,
more attuned. Becoming aware of your own soul and living a soul-oriented life
develops psychic capabilities as a natural side effect. We need to create a
discipline of meditation and contemplation; creating space and time in our lives
on a regular basis for contact with the soul which contains all the information
about our past lives, karma, and the many levels of ourselves that are unrealized.
Inside the soul is a spark of the divine, the part of us that is no different from
How do we know if we are close to entering the path of the Goddess? What does
the entrance to the path look like? Literally, it is an initiation phase, a phase
within the development of the spirit or soul. When the priorities of the inner
being want success rather than the outer life, you are on the path of the
Goddess. In the past, it was religion that said the only way we can find self-worth
is by attaching to God through church or dogma. While that is similar to "Living
for spirit," on the Goddess path, we must find and experience our own spirit.
When we do that, the world becomes beautiful.
The entrance to the soul and the spirit is through the heart, through love, which
is the Goddess. The very act of opening the heart creates a by-product vibration,
love. It is released into the universe; that force of bonding, binding, fusion, and
oneness. Love causes the act of filling in the spaces so that there is no loneliness
or isolation, only connectedness.
Love does not have to occur between two people. It can be love of a rock, tree,
animal, child, human, or other sentient being. Sometimes this love is called
"Compassion" and that is what the Goddess is love and compassion. The heart is
a gateway; love, compassion, and understanding (wisdom) are the states of being
that allow entrance into soul; by practicing love, compassion, and wisdom which
is the Goddess, we keep that connection or passageway open.
All knowledge of the Goddess path has but one goal in the end: if we can become
compassionate, we can truly walk through the doorway of the heart and into the
heart of enlightenment.
To carry the key of compassion is to achieve the highest in human evolution.
The first step to the Goddess path is to live a life dictated by physical needs and
The second step to the Goddess path is to focus in the emotional body. This is
when you live your life purely from emotions, desire, fear and the primal emotions
The third step to the Goddess path is when you follow the mind and the mind is
broken - you experience the limitations of the mind. A dominating third chakra
will not allow non-physical reality of intuition to exist. It may not even allow your
feelings, your emotions, a right to exist! When you are totally polarized to the
mind "I think, therefore I am" becomes a self-fulfilling behavior pattern that
creates your life. Locked into the mind's tyranny, you are directed by the
rational though of how things should be, not necessarily how they are. When you
enter the initiation chamber of the heart, you will experience a radical shift in the
way you process and evaluate your reality.
The fourth step to the Goddess path is centered upon the opening of the heart
chakra. Simply expressed, it is the ability to actively practice giving and receiving
love. Unconditional love. Not only the love that you have for someone you know,
but love and compassion for those you do not know. When the Goddess Kuan Yin
died and was ready to cross over, she heard the cries of the world and decided
to stay until the very last soul crosses over because She has unconditional love
and compassion for all mankind. It is also related to the concept of "Self" love
and the doorway to the love of the Divine. In opening the heart chakra you will
experience a feminine initiation. The ability to receive love into the heart chakra
is a feminine dynamic. It is the pathway for the connection to spirit.
It is quite interesting that the relationship of the heart to the feminine polarity is
thus: when we learn how to give and receive love, we are, in effect, learning how to
be mothers. A mother must give her child life. She must give of herself for her
child to live. She must also take in sustenance. She must receive that she may
continue to give.
When you are on the feminine path (where humanity's divine nature leads) you
need to align the self to the opening of the heart chakra. When you are open in
the heart, you automatically become a receiver of love as well as a giver of lover.
The fifth step to the Goddess path is focused on putting enlightened
consciousness back into physical reality (physical plane manifestation of the
Earth). We take the wisdom that we have learned in the heart challenges and put
it to work. When we have made significant contributions, then we are released
from the "ring-pass-not", which is the actual boundary of the planetary biosphere
(Earth's aura), which cannot be crossed until a soul has reached a certain
evolutionary vibration. If this vibration is attained, we may pass through this
plane and we no longer are compelled to reincarnate. If we have become
enlightened like a Bodhisattva or a Buddha, we can go past "the-ring-pass-not"
and not come back. In other words, released from human form and the "Wheel of

The fifth step is focused on the throat chakra and the ability to create by sound -
using voice, communication, speaking out, and the art of channeling.
What is the fifth step? It is taking the compassion, the wisdom and the
enlightenment from the first four chakras and directing this spirituality
enlightened consciousness back onto the Earth plan, humanity, and all the lower
kingdoms. We are feeding this energy back into the Earth to purify and make the
Earth Goddess, Gaia, sacred again.
When the fifth step is completed, you, the devas, angels and elementals meet
and begin to work together. Until the fifth step, the human evolutionary track is
separate. However, when a person completes the fifth step, they may work with
all the worlds and their inhabitants. These "Worlds" are animal, vegetable,
mineral, deva, elemental and angelic, as well as the etheric realms, astral, mental
and Buddhistic planes. People of the fifth level are very powerful because they
have the ability to manipulate their own deva and elemental space. This power is
hard earned. Everyone and everything intersects at the fifth step.
The sixth step is the opening of the third eye sometimes called sixth chakra. The
third eye is often incorrectly described as the psychic center. In actuality, the
third eye is concerned with how we function in time. It is also an
electro-magnetic doorway between the realms of the higher nonphysical
dimensions. If the third eye is functioning, people have the ability to connect into
the past, present and future.  This is the ability of the Crone.
When we embrace the darkness within, we discover so much about ourselves. We
discover how the universe works. When we have this key - how we create and
recreate our lives - we are truly given a gift of power and a key to freedom.  We
can begin to go into our own darkness and embrace the shadow side, all the little
negatives, all those horrible things about ourselves. We can embrace this and it
will not kill us but regenerate us. We will find that the third eye becomes a
trusted friend. It becomes a trusted doorway to any particular insight, memory
or lifetime that we need to go to retrieve information.
Lunar and Solar Essence
When we say that something has a lunar essence to it, we are talking about its
inner essence as the shadow side, as the side not seen by the physical senses.
When we speak about something having a solar essence we are talking the power
of the sun, which dominates the daylight. When we talk about the solar aspects
of one's self, we are talking about that which loves the day, loves action, and loves
the physical material world. The Sun also governs mental activity, too, because it
takes a great amount of sunlight to fuel the mind. When we say that people's
lunar aspects are in conflict with their solar aspects, we are saying that their
outer activity or their outer priorities are in conflict with their unconscious or
subconscious. They are in conflict with their higher plane self, with that which is
not readily known or seen by the outer world.
The Crone
In the Goddess path, the goal is to remember who we are spiritually and
psychologically in the world of spirit, not in the world of humanity. The feminine
represents the truth within and the masculine represents the truth without. The
masculine represents the truth for physical reality and the physical plane. The
feminine represents what's true for the inner reality or nonphysical plane. There
is a point where they both meet and the truth "as above so below" is revealed. It
is the search for that point which is the secret of enlightenment.
In the Goddess path people go inward to look for examples of the inner truth.
They can take what they believe is the outer truth and compare, analyze. They
learn how to recognize inner truth in the outer world.
One does not gather the secrets of the universe to gather power, to become
more powerful than one's neighbor, to get more money, more property. These
things do not last long. But peace and love does. The kind of love that has an
open heart and finds love in everything and goodness. An open heart is not
foolish, it is not naive, it is not gullible. An open heart knows the darkness of the
people one loves, because an open  heart sees and feels everything.
Another good ref about Crone and women mysteries is
Look in the witchcraft section. Lady Hecate has  muck kn owldge andf experience as a High Priestess and She has been in the craft many many years.

 NAMES: Crone, Cerridwen (Celtic), Hecate or Hekate (Greek), Carravogue (Goddess of winter County Meath Ireland), M�rr�gan or Morrigu (Celtic), Nemglan (Irish battle goddess), Ala (Nigerian), Ama No Uzumi (Japanese), Asase Yaa (West African), Annis (Celtic, later turned into various evil fairies or ghosts such as Black Ann and others), Badb (Irish), Baubo (Greek). Baba Yaga (Russian), Tripura Bhairavi (Tantric), Cailleac Bhuer (Celtic), The Corrigan (from Cornwall to Breton, France), Elli (Nordic), Grandmother Spiderwoman (Native American), The Hyldermoder (Scandinavia), The Leanansidhe (Isle of Man), Oya (Yoruba), The Muireartach (Scottish Highlands), Changing Woman (Navaho), Ereshkigal (Sumerian), Estsanatlehi (Native American), Kalma (Finnish), Lara (Roman), Lilith (Hebrew), Macha (Irish), Mother Holle (German), Nicneven (Celtic), Sedna (Inuit), Xochi Quetzal (Aztec), The Wyrd, Nox or Nyx (Greek), Snow Queen (versions in Sweden & Japan), Queen of Shadows, Nightmare, Hag, the Wicked Witch.

SYMBOLS: (Depending on the culture) Caldron, Owl, Snow and or winter, Yew tree, Dogs, Darkness, Waning Moon, Dark Moon, Cat, Frog, Raven, Snake, Spider, Ghosts, Triquette, Triple Spiral, )O(

PERSONIFICATION OF (or) AREA OF CONTROL: Sacrifice, the Destroyer, the Huntress, Curses, the Underworld, Wisdom, Karma.

USUAL IMAGE: Depending on the time, culture and various aspects of the different goddesses in question, whither they are shown as kind or fierce, common or imperial, or are associated with other aspects such as night, winter, death or rebirth the different Crone Goddess are depicted very differently, however they are usually depicted as elderly women.

HOLY BOOKS: The Trimorphic Protennoia (Gnostic), Lilith's Fire by Deborah Grenn-Scott, Wicked: The Life & Times of the Wicked Witch of the West by Gregory Maguire.

HOLY DAYS: Dec 25, Feast of Frau Holle, on the night of which Mother Holle was said to fly around the world giving presents to the good, and punishing the wicked like a combination of Santa Claus and Batman. / January 6, when the good witch La Befana flies though the skys of Italy giving candy to good children and coal to bad ones. / August the 13th, November the 30th, and the 29th of each month are holidays for Hecate. / October 31, Halloween or Samhain which is associated with a number of Crone Goddesses. / The Kali Puja, a movable holiday which takes place on the same day as one of Hinduism's brightest holidays Diwali, the Festival of Light.

RELATIVES: (Sisters) Maiden and Mother Goddesses all as varied and diverse as their senior aspect the Crone Goddess / (Children) As she is the mother of many Mother and Father Goddesses and Gods, as well as any number of sacred sacrificial kings/sons, she is the ultimate Mother of all.


 DETAILS: If modern society has a hard time dealing with death, and it does, that's nothing compared with the fear, angst, and denial with which it regards old age.

From plastic surgery, up to and including the injection of toxic chemicals into our faces, to the Balkanization, if not outright exile of those over a certain age, to the rendering of people, mostly women, over 45 years of age to almost invisibility by the mass media, it is plain to see, if you have the vision to look at it, that we as a whole are not dealing with the natural progress of aging well.

This was not always the case, there was a time when those who had managed to survive a remarkably harsh world were regarded as someone who might actually have something important to contribute.

Mythically this was expressed by a goddess figure that, along with the Maiden, and the Mother, was the most powerful part of the first of all trinities. The Crone is found in India, among the Greeks, the Celts, as well as single a deity. .

The Crone goddess made sure that everyone remembered that while at the time they may have been alive and vital, winter was still inevitable, and all life would someday have to deal with old age and death. And as hard and ugly as death could be, it was possible to look it in the eye and not be afraid of it.

The Crone was too old to let deceit stand and from her karma, severe or benevolent, fell on those who had created it so they got just what they deserve.

She is the one who sees what needs to be destroyed and is without sentimentality seeing to it's destruction, in her older forms she was also the one who, as the huntress, knew that life could only come from death.

She was the Goddess who was beyond the giving or restraning of sex as a gift as the Maiden did, or sex as a way to bring about new life as the Mother did, she saw it as either something no longer needed, or as a way to teach a lession, or as simply a thing for pleasure and nothing else.

She was the goddess that became such minor deities as the many different fairies who appeared to men as a beautiful maidens who after a night of preternatural bliss, would in the morning, leave the man to find himself in the arms of the crone, where he, if unable to deal with this transformation was eaten, or if able to accept her, find her beautiful again.

The crone also turned up in the unusual Roman myth of Vertumnus and Pomona. Which, at least according to David Littlefield, shows the Roman mindset turning away from rape and/or servitude as the only forms of adult male and female relationships (for reference see any myth involving Zeus getting his rocks off) and moving toward something more healthy.

The myth, as related by Ovid, tells how Vertumnus, the shape-shifting god of seasonal change, plant growth and gardens, finds himself in love with the nymph Pomona who wants nothing to do with him and so seals herself up in her orchard refusing to even speak with him.

Vertumnus gains entrance to the orchard by changing himself into a crone and telling Pomona stories which, along with giving Ovid a reason to relate other myths, lets her warm to the person telling the tales and later to Vertumnus himself on his revealing his true form.

Whatever the case, the Crone, in whichever form she was imagined, was the sacred mythic avatar for women who could live their own lives without the need or approval of others, practically men.

Which explains why with the coming of the new male centered philosophies and mind-sets, the image of the Crone Goddess became darker and darker, until with the coming to supremacy of Judeo-Christian, she is kicked completely out of Heaven and left to make do as best she could in the dark recesses of the mind as the wicked witch.

Which brings us to the situation we find ourselve in now. These myths come from the same Collective Mind we run our our lives with, whether we acknowledge it or not, so for the mental health of society I strongly suggest we once again become comfortable with the various forms of the Crone Goddess.

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